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Social Value and Social Impact


Never has it been more important than in today’s world to be able to assess the true social, economic and environmental value of our activities. It is no longer good enough to think we are having a positive impact; we need to clearly evidence them and demonstrate their wider value.

Measuring social value has a huge potential to help us change the way we understand the world around us, and make decisions about where to invest resources. By changing the way we account for value, we believe that we will end up with a world with more equality and a more sustainable environment. 

Through measuring social value, we can help you:

  • maximise the value you can create 

  • involve the people who matter most 

  • gain a competitive advantage 

  • enhance communications, both internally and externally 

  • gain funding and contracts 

Our evaluation and accounting tools draws on ten simple questions:

  1. What problems are you trying to solve?

  2. What is your proposed solution to the problem?

  3. Who experiences changes in their lives as a result of what you do?

  4. What changes are (or are likely to be) experienced?

  5. How can you measure these changes?

  6. How much of each change has happened (or is likely to happen)?

  7. How much of each change is caused by your activities?

  8. How long do you need to measure the changes for?

  9. What is the relative importance of the different changes?

  10. Which changes matter and are important enough for you to manage?

Anyone can start to account for their social value, no matter the size of the organisation or the amount of resources available.


Contact us if you would like to have a conversation on how we can help you evaluate the social impact and value of your programmes or organisation.

In 2018, Benesse UK became a member of Social Value UK, a membership organisation for everyone with an interest in measuring and maximising  social value.


Through this membership, we are able to access benchmark information from a wider data source, access specialised training and a wider range of tools for assessing and calculating the social value and social impact of our clients.

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