2016/ 2017

Welcome Statement

I am delighted to introduce this first annual statement reflecting the activities of Benesse (UK) Ltd over the past year and aspirations for the year ahead.

Having been incorporated in February 2014, trading commenced in 2016 when the Company bid to develop and manage the Cobtree Park Golf Course. 


The project bought together a syndicate of top golf professionals with a vision to invest over £2m to develop and manage a 20 room hotel, gym and functions venue alongside two new golf courses. 


Unfortunately, the project did not complete but it set out a template for investment into facilities and also gave Benesse UK a taste for operating facilities which it continues to explore.


In November 2016, the company took on its first commercial partner, delivering business coaching to an aspiring health and safety business in parallel to undertaking an options review on a potential spin-out of youth services in Thurrock.

This trailblazing work allowed the company to close its third year of trading in February 2017 with a positive cash turnover and generous margin to allow the business to invest in future projects.


The company has used its time during this first operating year to set up a website and infrastructure to facilitate trading and the establishment of sound policies and systems that ensure compliance in its core trading areas. 


The company has also taken advantage of the management support and networks provided through the new enterprise allowance start-up scheme helping to develop a clear strategy for the future. More importantly, we have seen our network of partners, associates and clients grow.

The company continues to strengthen its vision for a world of wellbeing, driving positive economic, social and environmental value in all that it does.


Economic Value


Many organisations have resources in people, assets and facilities that are under-utilised or inefficient. Benesse UK has developed tools that increase productivity and performance to drive economic success for our clients during challenging times.


Social Value


Benesse UK is delighted to be working in markets and with partners that have the capacity and desire to add real social value. Over the next twelve months we look to work closely with Social Value UK to help unlock the identification and reporting of social value and feeding this back into our reporting and work with clients.

Environmental Value


No longer is the objective one of box ticking or evidencing an environmental conscience, Benesse UK is now actively working with clients to identify what steps they can take to positively impact on the environment through campaigns and projects, adding value to their organisation, their employees and beneficiaries and the communities in which they work. 



The company prides itself on its commitment to health and safety, safeguarding, equality, the challenge agenda and data protection. Over the next 12 months, the company will be ensuring both its own compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations but also helping its clients do likewise.

Associate Directors & Partners

The company has established a wide and growing network of associate directors who are all experts in their field and keen to work alongside Benesse UK to ensure solutions are tailor-made and developed by those who have the best knowledge in the sector. 

Our partnerships also continue to grow and Benesse UK will look to develop stronger links with a number of All-Party Parliamentary Groups and associate bodies to build on its ethos and add further value for clients.

The Future


Having established a small presence in the consultancy and management support sector during this first year, Benesse UK is looking forward to expanding its horizons and resources in the year to come.


Matthew Roberts


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