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Benesse UK now included on the UK Register of Learning Providers

Benesse UK is delighted to announce its approval for inclusion on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). The UKRLP is a 'one-stop' portal used by government departments, agencies, learners and employers to share key information about learning providers.

This register allows providers to update their information in one place and share this across agencies such as:

  • the Skills Funding Agency

  • the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

  • the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

  • UCAS.

Since provider registration opened on 1 August 2005, the UKRLP has grown to over 30,000 providers.

Each of these has been verified against a recognised external source and has been allocated a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). This is the unique identifier used to share information with the UKRLP partner agencies.

Benesse UK is registered under UKPRN 10066276.

Registration to the scheme will allow Benesse UK to expand its management support division, delivering bespoke training and development courses funded by a range of providers.

Contact our consultants to discuss how we can seek funding to develop, coordinate and deliver a range of bespoke training programmes for your agency.

Alternatively, drop us an email at and we will respond within 4 hours.

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