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Price: from £85 per person

This course is designed to help managers understand how the decisions they make will affect the financial performance of their organisation. The materials and activities are designed to help you demystify the jargon of finance and to understand and use a range of different financial techniques to improve your abilities as a manager. You will look at the different financial reporting statements and financial measures to improve performance. You will learn about different mechanisms of budgeting to assist in planning and controlling performance. Throughout this course you will be asked to relate your studies to your own work context.

Key Features

  • A workshop with patient operationally-focused cooperative finance experts

  • Developing a toolkit of commercial activities and how to calculate the real commercial return on any activities

  • Innovative and motivational workshops delivered by an experienced coach

Programme Outline

  • Understand the importance of cash as an organisational resource and explain the difference between cash and ‘profits’

  • Understand the purpose of financial reporting statements and the use of financial measures to evaluate performance

  • Understand different types of cost and cost behaviours and apply costing techniques in managerial decision-making

  • Understand the budgeting process and the behavioural implications of budgeting

  • Use financial techniques, such as budgeting, in planning, controlling and assessing performance


Follow up coaching sessions will be available using Skype or telephone for ongoing development.


Who is this course for?

This workshop, which benefits from CPD accreditation, is designed for non-financial managers who want/ need to know more about finance.


£85 per delegate

NB A CPD Bursary Fund is available for those who meet eligibility requirements.


To register your interest, email with the subject title ‘Finance for non-finance managers’.​


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